All the organisations each have an entry in the directory page, i.e Age Concern, British legion etc. but the village has two main associations. Flackwell Heath Community Association and the Flackwell Heath Residents' Association.

Each Association is run by a team of volunteers and both are involved in a range of activities within Flackwell Heath with a common aim of improving “village life” for you. Each now have their own website. Links below.

See table below describing each Associations main activities within the village …

Community Association (Link to their own website)
Reg Charity No 1044870The FHCA manage the Flackwell Heath Community Centre and work with a number of local voluntary and other organisations to provide a range of recreation and entertainment activities within the Centre.
The FHCA also produce a high quality colour village newsletter (called The Grapevine) with 10 editions per year available to all Flackwell Heath households via subscriptions (see below for prices).

FHCA Main Activities
Community Centre Clubs and Associations
Community Centre Bookings
Community Centre Fundraising Events
Community Centre Maintenance
Village Newsletter (The Grapevine)

FHCA Fundraising Events
The FHCA organise a number of events throughout the year within the Community Centre such as Barn Dances, Wine Tasting evenings and Orchestral music evenings for the villagers to enjoy and to help raise funds for the Community Centre.

FHCA Membership:
All villagers are automatically Members.

FHCA Village Newsletter:
The Grapevine Annual subscription

Residents Association (Link to their own wesite)
Reg Charity No 1111230The FHRA promote the preservation, development and improvement of the Flackwell Heath village. The FHRA manage a number of subgroups, each with a specific focus of improving village life within each domain.
For example, the Planning & Environment Group help villagers to voice their opinions on planning applications to the various councils. Cherry Fayre now is a free-standing group.

FHRA Sub Groups
Police & Traffic Group
Planning & Environment Group
Youth Group Business Group
Cherry Fayre Group

FHRA Fundraising/Events:

Joint quiz evenings with FHCA.
Host Christmas Tree Lighting Up
Litter Pick events throughout the year
Co-ordinating Diamond Jubilee events

FHRA Membership:
£5 Annual Membership per person

N.B. All FHRA membership proceeds contribute towards FHRA village improvements and initiatives (e.g. Christmas Decorations, planting, etc.).