It’s only just over a week since we set-up the Flackwell Heath Corona Virus Co-ordination Group; a small body with representatives from the local Councils, the churches, the Residents Association and some other interested residents.  In that one week we have:

  • Delivered leaflets to almost every house in the village – over 2700 homes.
  • Set-Up a single Facebook page called the Flackwell Heath COVID-19 Support Group which is being managed by Kirsty Griffiths and which is putting out as much useful information as possible.
  • Published as much of that information as is possible on the Flackwell Heath website thanks to the efforts of Brian Moulson.
  • Established a network of nearly 80 volunteers to help those vulnerable people within the village that don’t have local family or friends that can help them.
  • Identified 34 vulnerable people who needed help now.  As a result, quite a few of our volunteers have already undertaken numerous shopping trips for those people and have collected and delivered prescriptions and other critical medicines.
  • Established a safe procedure for our volunteers and “customers” to use that seems to be working well at the moment.

All this is absolutely amazing and, as joint Chairman of the Flackwell Heath Corona Virus Co-ordination Group, I thought it important that we recognise the sterling work that our volunteers are doing on the ground right now but to suggest that this has probably been a relatively easy week.  In my humble opinion, over the next week or two, I believe that the number of people needing help will rise – right now many of us still have reasonably full larders but this will change with time even though the supermarkets are coping reasonably well under the circumstances.

It is not my intention to be negative because I know that we will get through this and I know that people will rally round as we have seen in plenty this past week.  But I wanted to say to those volunteers that have yet to be called-on, please don’t think we won’t need you because I’m convinced we will.  But if you chose to offer your help to another organisation such as the NHS, please do let Kirsty know.

Meantime, can I once again thank everyone for all they are doing for the village.  We are all heartened by the response we have seen.  People just can’t do enough and it’s a great reflection on all those living in our wonderful village.  THANK YOU !!

Dave Johncock                                                                                            27 March 2020