There appears to be some confusion about identifying those of us who might be in the 1.5 million most at risk register and for which the government is going to provide help.  Some of us might have been expecting letters from the NHS or our GPs but either we don’t fall into this high risk category or those letters have yet to be delivered.

In short, if you haven’t received a letter and you think you might be in this high risk category, you need to go on-line now and register at:

If your status is then confirmed, you can expect to get some direct help from central and local government in the coming days.

Can those volunteers who have already been paired with one of our vulnerable residents please make sure that they are informed of this need and help out if they don’t have internet access.

Thanking you all in anticipation.

Dave                                                                                                               29 March 2020

  • Post published:29/03/2020
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