Welcome to the Flackwell Heath Village WEB site
This WEB was created in the year 2000 in association with MCaFH (Millennium Celebrations at Flackwell Heath)

Objective: To create a site which is easy to navigate and will be a comprehensive and central source of information on activities, organisations, retail outlets and businesses in our village.

Funding: The MCaFH funded the initial purchase of the name and WEB hosting for the first years and the WEB site creation was provided free. From there on the WEB site needs to be self-funding but non-profit making.

A standard entry will be free of charge for all retail outlets and businesses in the village. A typical entry includes: - Name, type of business, address, photo / image and a phone number. But we do need some income to keep the site online. Therfore you can sponsor a link to your own website or social media page. If you become a sponsor you can also have an ad banner that is on the home page.

Content: The site has been recently recreated (2018), this was to make it mobile friendly, we try and keep any details  but we do reply on anyone listed to keep informed of any changes. If you find a broken link or mistake, then please let us know.

I hope you find the information on this site useful but we would like feedback (good or bad), so please let us know what you think and what you would like to see featured.

Getting Listed

There are two types of listings, Organisations & Businesses, you can apply to be listed be using the appropriate forms, Links below.

Form for Organisations / Activities click here 

Form for Retail and Businesses click here