Please be advised that the Transport for Buckinghamshire Micro surfacing (headline treatment) programme is due to begin next week. Bracken Way, Flackwell Heath is a micro surfacing scheme taking place in your local area and I wanted to provide you with some information about the process. 

Micro surfacing is a specialist treatment carried out by our supply chain partner EST, and involves the application of a  thin layer of asphalt emulsion along with finely crushed stone that is applied to the road to seal any defects. It provides a coating that extends the life of the road by sealing the surface and improving skid resistance. The new surface is ready for use within a few hours. You will recall that patching works have been undertaken previously to ensure the road is in good condition. 

Micro surfacing is very weather and temperature dependent and cannot be applied in cold or very wet conditions therefore programmed dates are subject to change at short notice, the works are provisionally programmed to take place during week commencing the 21st September. Updates regarding roads that are being treated will be listed on the weekly Press Release and daily information and photographs will also be posted on our twitter page (tfbalerts). 

Shortly before the work begins on site our contractor will deliver a leaflet to properties within the extents of the work with details about the process and what to expect(copy attached).  For a short time it is not possible to drive on the road as the material ‘sets’. The road is swept  over following weeks and the appearance of the micro surfacing improves over time as the road is trafficked and the surface ‘beds in’. 

We have separate ironworks and lining crews who carry out any adjustments to ironwork that may be required and reinstate any lining, within approximately 4 weeks of the micro surfacing being carried out.  I have attached some FAQ’s about micro surfacing that you may find helpful.

  • Post published:10/09/2020
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