Hi all

Sad to say that I will be closing down this website next month (November).

I have been running the site since the end of 1999. Ready for the year 2000. So, 23+ years

The most popular section of the site was the weather, the data was compiled and uploaded from my weather station based in my garden in Flackwell Heath.

I have already replaced the station once, but now the 2nd one has failures and the manufacturer, Oregon Scientific seems to gone out of business, just can’t get the parts anymore.

It cost money to run the site which I have been personally funding for many years.

Now there is a very good Facebook page with news etc. So, I feel the site is not so important anymore, and times move on.

There could be an opportunity to make some money from the site through sponsorship or advertising but I do not have the time to put in the effort required.

If anybody would like to take the site over, please contact me. brian@flackwellheath.net

Many thanks

  • Post published:07/10/2023
  • Post category:News